Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Who would she have been?

I find myself wondering...

Were her eyes blue? Surely they were behind her closed lids, but would they have stayed that way as she grew?

Would she have had platinum blond hair like her brother, or darker blond hair like her sister?

Would she have been a petite child like our other two?

Would she have been a feisty baby like Isabel, requiring lots of attention, or a more mellow one like Josiah who was mostly content to go with the flow and watch the world go by?

Would she have been a good nurser?

What would her giggle sound like?

What would have been her first word?

What would have been her favorite color? Favorite food? Favorite toy? Favorite movie?

Would she have been bright like the other two, learning her ABCs, colors, counting, and letters earlier than average?

Would she have been a tough little girl? I think she would have been, because she was really tough in the womb, hanging on for many weeks in an inhospitable environment.

Would she have had a love-hate relationship with Ginger like the other two?

Would she have joined her sister in gymnastics and ballet, looking up to her as she learned new things in each?

Who would have been her best friend?

What kind of student would she have been when she joined our other kids at their private school?

What color would she have chosen for her prom dress?

What style of wedding dress would she have worn?

Who would she have married?

What would have been the look on her face as she handed me her own child to hold for the first time?

All these questions and more, every day. I miss her.

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