Monday, May 27, 2013

Honoring Abbie today - 05-27-2013

Blogging has been hard. I have been working on healing in other ways, but blogging sometimes rips opens wounds in a way I am not always prepared for. And I have to be careful when the children are around, because sometimes the sobs are so wrenching when these wounds are opened, that it would alarm them. We are very open and honest in our family about the birth and loss of Abbie, but I also don't want to cause worry and trauma in Isabel and Josiah's lives that will cause them harm in the years to come (this mostly affects Isabel as she is older and more sensitive in general).

So I am starting a shorter way to occasionally blog when I am not up to a full-fledged post. I will briefly post an entry that talks about how I deliberately honored Abbie's life on that particular day.

So today, May 27, 2013 (Abbie was born six months ago yesterday which is mind-boggling to me), I ordered a beautiful urn to place Abbie's tiny amount of ashes in. For as beautiful as she was, she deserves a sacred place in which to keep her remains that stay with us here on Earth. Until we can meet again in heaven and see her in all her wholeness and beauty.

The urn is a cherry wooden music box that plays, fittingly, Amazing Grace. It will read:

Abigaile Grace Christenson
November 26, 2012
Too Beautiful for Earth

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